Spectral Capital - Invest at the early stage

Spectral Capital (FCCN) is a publicly traded technology startup accelerator that invests primarily in emerging and fast growth technology markets. We offer shareholders an ideal way to invest in early stage startups with the added benefit of investment liquidity through public exchanges. We acquire companies that are developing technologies and solutions to challenging business problems and needs. Spectral guides and mentors each new venture, keeping them on track and focused on growth.

Spectral Capital Investment Guidelines and Principles:

  • Research, find and invest in growth markets
  • Partner with founders with proven track records
  • Select and invest in technology innovations that solve challenging business problems
  • Mentor startup teams and guide them toward processes that minimize time to market and maximize growth opportunities
  • Transform startups into high growth market leaders with enduring commercial success

Spectral Capital has offices and operations in North America and Europe.

Spectral is incorporated in Nevada and is publicly trading under the symbol FCCN.

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Spectral Capital 2013 Annual Report


Spectral Capital (FCCN) provides a way for investors to participate in the technology startup sector, where the market’s highest returns are often made. Since Spectral Capital is a publicly traded company investors are able to retain liquidity when investing at the early stage in a diverse and growing portfolio of promising startups. Each startup in the Spectral portfolio is provided with the capital, industry expertise and mentoring needed to maximize their opportunity to find growth and enduring success.

Acquire and Mentor

We select early stage companies that are often still in the development and prototype phase. We look for founders who have demonstrated success in the past and round out the startup executive team to include marketing, operational and commercialization experience. We mentor when needed, help remove roadblocks and use our partner network to bring the startup to market.

Design, Develop and Launch

Each startup team is encouraged to adopt an iterative product development approach where the cycle of define, develop, deliver, measure and repeat is used to build great products and gain market adoption. During this cyclical process the startup team of technologists, marketers and executives use market research, product usage analytics and technology innovations to reduce costs, improve performance and increase customer value and utility.

Product and Service Growth

We focus on growth as the primary indicator of success in the initial stage of our startups' lifecycle. Each iteration of the development process is intended to increase market adoption and improve service commercialization. Spectral advises and guides the executive team in building a corporate culture that develops great products with ever increasing market growth.