Spectral Capital - Invest at the early stage

Spectral Capital (FCCN) is a publicly traded technology startup accelerator that invests primarily in emerging and fast growth technology markets. We offer shareholders an ideal way to invest in early stage startups with the added benefit of investment liquidity through public exchanges. We acquire companies that are developing technologies and solutions to challenging business problems and needs. Spectral guides and mentors each new venture, keeping them on track and focused on growth.

Spectral Capital Investment Guidelines and Principles:

  • Research, find and invest in growth markets
  • Partner with founders with proven track records
  • Select and invest in technology innovations that solve challenging business problems
  • Mentor startup teams and guide them toward processes that minimize time to market and maximize growth opportunities
  • Transform startups into high growth market leaders with enduring commercial success

  Mobile and Search Technology

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  Financial Data Analytics

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