Spectral Capital - Invest at the early stage

The Spectral Strategy

Spectral Capital (FCCN) is a technology startup accelerator that invests primarily in emerging and fast growth technology markets. We work with startups and founders focusing them on rapid development, getting to market, and refining their products and services with direct customer and market feedback. With Spectral, investors are able to participate in the early stage where significant upside potential exists.

Our Strategy

We Invest in Innovators

We team with founders that have transformative ideas. Spectral goes beyond just financing and provides its startups with executive support at the technology, marketing and operations level. The startup teams are encouraged to adopt a cyclic product development philosophy where the process of define, develop, deliver, measure and repeat is used to build great products and gain market adoption.

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A Growing Portfolio

We are committed to expanding our portfolio through a rigorous selection process that creates high ROI opportunities for our shareholders. We acquire companies that are developing technologies and solutions to challenging business and market problems. Spectral guides and nurtures each new venture, keeping them on track and rounding out the executive teams when needed.

Our Portfolio

Invest at the Early Stage

Spectral Capital (FCCN) provides a way for investors to participate in the technology startup sector, where the market’s highest returns are often made. Since Spectral Capital is a publicly traded company, investors are able to retain liquidity when investing at the early stage in a diverse and growing portfolio of promising startups. Each startup in the Spectral portfolio is provided with the capital, industry expertise and mentoring needed to maximize their opportunity to find growth and enduring success.

The Spectral Portfolio

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