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Spectral Capital Corporation is a technology company focused on the identification, acquisition, development, financing of technology that has the potential to transform existing industries. We look for technology that can be protected through patents or laws regarding trade secrets. Spectral has acquired significant stakes in two technology companies and partnerships within the telecommunications industry and intends to increase its portfolio over time.

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We Deliver Leading-edge Telecommunications and Data Switching Services Across the Globe


Spectral is a leading-edge provider of wholesale carrier solutions and services worldwide. Our flexible and dynamic business model keeps us at the forefront of telecoms innovation. And by listening to customers, we ensure that our solutions are constantly evolving to meet their needs.



At Spectral we live our values of integrity, honesty, innovation and respect for people. We are good corporate citizens. We believe that we will not prosper by customers accepting our products and services only but also by public acceptance to our conduct.

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Spectral wholesale voice services provide global routing solutions and direct bilateral connections with many major PTTs, Tier-1 carriers and Mobile operators around the world. And to further expand our network and improve voice quality, Spectral is always actively seeking new bilateral partners. It is a cost-effective way for your traffic to terminate to the specified destination using Spectral's extensive coverage and high-quality routes based on the quality of services (QoS) and least cost routing (LCR) classes with multiple varying levels to support and achieve quality & price in real-time.

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We have a modern approach to telecommunications.

We are a strong, dedicated development team and our real-world testing has resulted in one of the industry's most advanced, and reliable network technology with superior quality of services. We pay attention to details, each and every day, to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 


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Our Acquisitions

We currently have two technology companies in the Spectral portfolio, Noot, and Monitr.  


Our management team reflects both the company's collage of talents and a shared commitment to empowering our customers and the business that serves them.

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